C. M. LAFER produces lifting equipment and devices for companies that build bridges and viaducts worldwide.
Just to name a few examples of our special equipment:

  • Equipment for segments lifting for the construction of viaducts along the LGV Tours – Bordeaux line.
  • Metallic structures for precast segments lifting for the construction of the third Bosphorus Bridge in Turkey.
  • Metallic structures for the support of segments for the new Panama Viaduct.
  • Lifting Frame with 110 T capacity for the Riyadh Metro in Saudi Arabia.
  • Launching equipment for beams and segments in Indonesia, Chile, Spain, Russia and Brazil.
  • Special steel structures for protection of the cable stays of bridges and viaducts.

In addition to construction, C. M. LAFER ensures the assembly and testing of the equipment. We also provide an efficient post-sale service to solve any problems on site.

  • Lifting equipment
  • Special equipment
  • Straddle carriers
  • Launching gantries
  • Gantry cranes
  • Steel structures