Current Activities

Over the years, C. M. LAFER has been especially committed to supplying parts for equipment for viaducts, in the supply, assembly and post-sale activity phases.
We have supplied the most important national, European and extra-European projects, acquiring a significant role and working very hard on the quality of the final product.
In the tunnels sector, our company started with the supply of equipment for high-speed trains and in road tunnels.
In recent years we have been developing equipment supplies for T.B.M. (Tunnel Boring Machines):

  • Back-up for T.B.M.
  • Oversized mould trolleys
  • Components for T.B.M.
  • Tunnel mobile service bridges
  • Equipment and accessories for micro-tunnelling

Starting with this experience, which has grown primarily on a national level, we have gradually moved our attention and interests increasingly to foreign markets.
We are committed every day to designing and developing any type of formworks for tunnels.