Cookie policy

The website makes use of cookie, in some cases. These are mainly used for technical reasons and for the system to function properly.

The information collected by the cookies does not aim to identify the user individually, but does include general data about computer settings, the operating system, the IP address and the time spent navigating the website.

The information collected can be aggregated and used for marketing activities and to analyse the use of the website.

What are cookies?

Cookies are short strings of text, sent from a server to a web client (information stored on the navigator’s computer for the specific website).

They are generally used to remember preferences, data and browsing information about visitors to that particular website, but do not include personal data.

Use of cookies

Most internet browsers accept cookies automatically, however browser settings can be changed to delete cookies or to keep them from being accepted automatically.

The person visiting the website is allowed to refuse the use of cookies. Should the user refuse the use of cookies, the possibility of providing personalised services will be limited. In that case, some of the website’s features may not work correctly and some services may not be available.

A list of links about managing cookie settings on the most common browsers is provided below.

Please note that if you disable cookies on your browser the settings will apply to all websites and not just this one.

Types of cookies

There are two types of cookies:

  • first-party (or proprietary) cookies: subject to and only readable by the domain that created them;
  • third-party cookies: subject to and created by domains other than the one we are visiting.

They can be

  • session (or temporary) cookies: deleted when the browser is closed;
  • persistent: stored as files even after the browser has been closed and deleted after a predetermined period of time.

For more information about cookies visit:

Cookies and

The website uses different types of cookies for multiple purposes:

  • first-party session cookies, for the system’s technical and functional needs (for example, during the authentication, authorisation and browsing phase for services that are accessed through registration);
  • third-party cookies, for web analytics (executed on the basis of aggregated and anonymous data);
  • third-party cookies, for tools used to share pages and for services related to social media.

Any changes to this policy will be published in this section and will enter into effect at the moment of publication. Continued use of the website constitutes acceptance of such changes.